Update on NPP (New Preaching Point) Ministry

Update on NPP (New Preaching Point) Ministry

Update on NPP (New Preaching Point) Ministry

by Revd Dr William Chang

The NPP is a project of members of LCS congregations. The long-term objective is to establish a new congregation of LCS with a younger demographic.

NPP 是新加坡信义会教会的一个项目。长期目标是建立一群年轻化的会众。

The location is at Furen International School (FIS) in Claymore Road, Orchard. This is a private international school offering ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels studies for mainly students from mainland China. The school has about 250 students.

地点位于辅仁国际学校 (FIS)。这是一所私立国际学校,主要为来自中国大陆的学生提供“O”和“A”水平学习。学校约有250名学生。

The plan is to use the school as a platform to develop a viable youth ministry within the school and eventually to include those outside such as its alumni (as there are several of the students who wanted to remain in Singapore to do tertiary education and to work) and youths from other networks. The ultimate aim is to nurture this youth ministry into a congregation with young adults. The outreach ministry would take clearer shape and form in two-to-three years’ time as we have just started less than a year ago and its mostly based on relationships.


Our connection to the school began with the Director, David Mok, who was a member of the 26th BB Company and member of QLC. He was keen to reach out to his students with the gospel. Revd Dr William Chang saw this as an opportunity for the LCS to leverage on to start a young congregation. Hence the partnership between the school and the NPP outreach ministry. Our team comprises of members of LCS come from YCCL, QLC and LCOR.

我们与学校的联系是于校长 David Mok开始的。他是 26 BB 少年旅的成员和女皇镇信义会的会友。他热衷于向学生传福音。William Chang牧师博士认为这是 LCS 建立年轻教会的一个机会。因此,学校与 NPP 外展事工之间建立了合作伙伴关系。我们的团队成员来自YCCL、QLC和LCOR。

Through the school arrangement, we were included as a club of the school We are known as the Renewal Christian Club (RCC). This was our launching pad. The RCC was officially formed in July 2023 and meets on Thursdays (4.00-5.30pm) during school terms. When we started in 2023, it was a challenging task as our RCC was so different from the other clubs such as hiking club, dancing club, chess club and etc.

通过学校的安排,我们被纳入成学校的一个社团,被称为复兴基督教社团(RCC)。RCC 于 2023 年 7 月正式成立,在学期期间每周四(下午 4.00-5.30)举行聚会。当我们在 2023 年开始时,我们面对了很大的挑战。因为 RCC 与其他俱乐部(如徒步俱乐部、舞蹈俱乐部、国际象棋俱乐部等)非常不同。

We needed to “sell” our club to attract students. We pitched RCC to focus on mental health, stressing the importance of nurturing the non-material aspect of a person for a meaningful and holistic life. This became the entry point for the gospel. In 2023 we had an average attendance of 30.

我们需要“推售”我们的社团来吸引学生。我们向 RCC 定位为关注心理健康,强调培养一个人的非物质方面于获得有意义和全面的生活的重要性。这成为福音的切入点。 2023 年,我们的平均出席人数为 30 人。

RCC’s weekly programme and activities are designed to gradually familiarize the students with aspects of the gospel and the Bible. The advantage is that we will have the students for an average of two years. The club as CCA, requires the students to attain 80% attendance.

RCC 每周的节目和活动旨在让学生逐渐熟悉福音和圣经的各个方面。优点是我们的学生平均学习时间为两年。该社团作为CCA,要求学生的出勤率达到80百分比。

Our programme and activities are according to a weekly sequence.

1st week: Book club – reading and discussing an article on the theme of the month.


第一周:读书会 – 阅读并讨论有关本月主题的文章。

2nd week: Words of Wisdom – Lessons based on scriptural texts on the theme of the month.

第二周:智慧之言 – 基于本月主题的经文的课程。

3rd week – Life skill based on the theme of the month.


4th week – Bonding activities


5th week – Evangelistic videos


In 2024, about 60 students have signed up. The RCC is now a well-publicised and attractive club to be in. Thanks to the publicity by word of mouth by the club members. The theme for this year is the fruit of the Spirit.

在2024年,约有60名学生报名。 RCC现在是一个知名度高、有吸引力的社团。这得益于社团成员的口耳相传。今年的主题是圣灵的果子。

We need the following:

  1. Befrienders
  2. Facilitators (lead in group discussions)
  3. Prayer partners
  4. Assist in refreshment preparation


1. 益友者

2. 协调员(主持小组讨论)

3. 祷告伙伴

4. 协助准备茶点

If you are keen, please contact Revd Dr William Chang (90124942)

如果您有兴趣,请联络 Revd Dr William Chang (90124942)

Discussion Groups

Weekly Meeting