LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our Churches – June 2024 – For TGNC

LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our church

Items for JUNE 2024 – Thai Good News Centre (TGNC)

United we stand, divided we fall! How true this saying is as we stand united as one family of God in Christ. God has been faithful throughout TGNC’s journey as He has led us.


  • Our deep gratitude to the Lord for His sustenance and protection over TGNC
  • We thank the Lord for His providence to us through the LCS churches.
  • We thank the Lord for the prayer support of friends, family and the LCS churches in Singapore.

Requests (evangelism) :

  • That the Lord may work in the hearts of the Thai people, that they will receive Jesus as Lord.
  • That they will settle into churches quickly when they return to Thailand, and find blessings through God’s word and sacraments.
  • That the Lord will soften their hearts and bring to their memories their previous times in church and how you had blessed them through it.
  • Pray for wisdom for our TGNC Pastoral team and helpers as they share Christ to the Thai ladies here on visit passes. Pray for the Lord to be compassionate toward them, and help them find work so that they can feed their families back home.
  • Pray for wisdom for our team as we talk and encourage Thai men we meet during our evangelism. Pray for the Lord to deliver them from gambling and drinking.
  • Pray for the Thai shopkeepers relocated to Golden Mile Tower whom we have befriended since Golden Complex days. Pray that God will sustain their friendship through our monthly visit.
  • Pray for our TGNC members working at various location in Singapore – that they will have many opportunities to meet Thais, befriend them and share Christ with them.

Requests (members):

  • Give thanks to God for the good relationship and rapport among our members.
  • We give thanks for the generosity of members who provide food after Holy Communion Sundays and other days.
  • Give thanks for James and Linda (non-members) who are worshipping with us every Sunday – for providing transport to our evangelism sites.
  • Pray for the good health of our members, many of us have ailments.
  • Pray for the families of our members that God will oversee and protect them.
  • Pray that we will be strengthened in both body and spirit as we continue to serve Him.

LCS – 为我们的教堂祈祷

2024 年 6 月事项 – 泰国福音中心 (TGNC)

团结则壮大,分裂则跌倒!诚然,我们在基督里彼此凝聚成为神的家庭。神在 TGNC 的整个旅程中一直信实地带领着我们。


  • 感谢主,对 TGNC 的支持和保护
  • 感谢主,通过 LCS 教会给予我们的帮助。
  • 感谢主,感谢朋友、家人和新加坡 LCS 教会的祈祷。


  • 愿主在泰国人民心中做工,使他们接受耶稣为救主。
  • 愿他们返回泰国后能尽快融入教堂,并通过圣言和圣礼得享神的祝福。
  • 愿神融化他们的心,愿他们时常回味起之前的教会时光,并感受来自主那切切实实的眷顾。
  • 祈求来自主的智慧临到 TGNC 牧师团队和助手们,传福音给持有探访准证的泰国女士们。祈求主怜悯她们,帮助她们找到工作,让她们得以赡养家乡的亲人
  • 祈求主的智慧带领福音团队,踊跃向遇到的泰国男性分享福音。求主拯救他们脱离赌博和酗酒的捆绑。
  • 为搬到 Golden Mile Tower 的泰国店主祈祷,我们与他们的深情厚谊一直追溯到Golden Complex days。求神通过我们每月的拜访来维持与他们的友谊。
  • 为在新加坡各地工作的 TGNC 成员祈祷 – 愿他们有更多机会与泰国友人见面、交友并分享基督。


  • 感谢神建立了我们彼此之间和谐融洽的关系。
  • 感谢在周日的圣餐后、以及其他时间提供食物的教友们的慷慨。
  • 感谢每个星期日和我们一起礼拜的詹姆斯和琳达(非会员)——感谢他们为我们提供前往传福音地点的交通便利。
  • 为我们成员的健康祈祷,我们中的许多人患有疾病。
  • 为我们成员的家人祈祷,愿神保佑、庇护他们。
  • 祈祷我们继续侍奉主时,身心得到坚固。