Cambodia Mission (CM)


Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) was given the mandate to spear-head the Mekong Mission Forum Cambodia mission work in Cambodia since 2008. The objective is to plant a Lutheran Church in Cambodia as there is no Lutheran Church in this part of the Mekong. We already have Lutheran Churches in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam.

This is a partnership of several Lutheran Churches and mission agencies such as Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS), Lutheran Church in Australia (LCA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELCB), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hong Kong (ELCHK), and Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod (CRCHK).


The Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC) became independence with the installation of their first elected Bishop in Nov 2023. The young Church is taking small step by step and phase by phase towards both financial and theological self-reliance. Cambodia Mission (CM) was birth to work with LCC to engage, to establish a planned timeline and systematically training of pastoral staff towards this goal as a growing Church.



LCS plays key role in empowering for church planting and church development


Provide resource support and encouragement to LCC in church planting and church development.


  • To establish holistic mission (meeting spiritual & physical needs) field for members and congregations of LCS through the following:
    • Support capacity building through Pastoral staff training and providing resources for organic growth within LCC.
    • Identify and support New Preaching Points through regular engagement of LCS members and congregations.
    • To collaborate with MMF partners Churches to provide Youth Internship Program for the purpose of developing youth and leadership.
    • Explore new initiatives with Mission Partners such as Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod (CRCHK), and Evangelical Church of Hong Kong (ELCHKG).
    • Explore new initiatives with like-minded mission partners in in Cambodia.
    • To plan and organize regular Outreach and Medical Mission to New Preaching Points. The Vision of LCC is to have a Lutheran congregation in every province of Cambodia.