LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our Churches – March 2024

LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our Churches.

Items for March 2024 – LCOR

For March 2024, let us all be one in prayer for the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer (LCOR).

Please cover LCOR in the Prayers of the Church, as well as in your small group, family or personal prayer times.

Pastors have the option to cover the items in a single Sunday or over any number of Sundays for the month.

LCOR’s prayer items are:

For LCOR English ministry –

  1. Pray for God to bless our staff with His grace, wisdom and strength as they serve the Lord.
  2. Pray for all who serve in the Council, Sunday School, Care groups, Worship Ministry, Boys’ Brigade Ministry, Christalite Ministry, Ukulele Ministry, Green Pastures Ministry, and Missions Ministry that God will empower them with His grace and wisdom as they serve the Lord.
  3. Pray that the members will share Christ and be His witnesses in their various vocations so that God’s kingdom can be extended.
  4. Pray that God will bless the Tamil service and enable them to grow as they reach out to the Tamil people.

For LCOR Chinese ministry –

  1. Pray for our outreach programme “Project Dinner Table”, so that more international students in the Bukit Timah area will respond to this programme.
  2. Pray for 8 brothers and sisters who are willing to be equipped with Alpha so as to implement it at the care group level.
  3. Pray for a smooth auditing process so that our AGM may be carried out on 19 May.
  4. Pray for God to call a suitable person to succeed a council member who would be stepping down this year.


  1. 求上帝赐福我们的员工,让他们靠主的恩典来以智慧和力量服事主。
  2. 为所有在执事会、主日学、关怀小组、崇拜事工、男少年旅事工、基督之光关怀院事工、乌克丽丽事工、青牧园事工和宣教事工中服事的人祈求,求上帝赐他们能力,用他的恩典和智慧服事主。
  3. 求上帝赐福会友在各自的职业中分享基督,并成为他的见证人,使上帝的国得以扩展。
  4. 求上帝赐福淡米尔文崇拜,并使他们能接触更多淡米尔人,从而增长人数。


  1. 为我们的外展项目“共享晚餐”祈祷,让更多武吉知马地区的国际学生能来参与此项目。
  2. 为8位愿意接受启发培训的兄弟姐妹祈祷,好让启发能在关怀小组里实施。
  3. 为审计过程的顺利进行来祈祷,以便我们的年度大会能在5月19日顺利举行。
  4. 求上帝呼召一位合适的人选来接替一名将于今年卸任的执事会成员。