Ordination Service of the Rev. Mark Lai

Ordination Service of the Rev. Mark Lai

Julia Yew

In a joyous ceremony on December 30, 2023, Bedok Lutheran Church (BLC), as part of the Lutheran Church of Singapore (LCS), marked a milestone in its history as it hosted the Ordination Service of the Rev. Mark Lai.

The service commenced with the voices of the congregation joined together singing the Entrance Hymn “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty”. The entrance procession was a grand sight, led by the Cross Bearer, Acolyte, and Bible Bearer, and formed by the ordained Lutheran Pastors, the esteemed Bishop of LCS, members of the LCS Executive Council and the to-be-ordained, Preacher Mark Lai.

Rev. Sarah Ang, a former member of BLC, led the service, beginning with a solemn rite of Thanksgiving for Baptism, followed by the Hymn of Praise “Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim”. The familiar tune of the hymn was accompanied by contemporary musical instruments. The Scripture Reading, delivered by four Lutheran Pastors, among whom was the 2nd Bishop of LCS, Rev Terry Kee, filled the sanctuary with God’s word and wisdom.

Bishop Lu Guan Hoe delivered a stirring sermon in Mandarin, highlighting the challenges and pivotal role of a Pastor in conveying God’s message. His message, translated into English by Rev Dr William Chang, emphasised the reassurance that amidst adversity and disapproval, the Holy Spirit accompanies and strengthens pastors to boldly walk the path of faith, enduring in God’s name with courage. The congregation responded wholeheartedly with the hymn “O Jesus I have Promised,” affirming their commitment alongside the soon-to-be ordained.

For the Presentation of Ordinand, Bishop Lu, the LCS Secretary, and Pr. Mark’s Supervising Pastor took their places at the chancel, welcoming the Ordinand to step forward. With prayers and blessings, Pr. Mark Lai promised to uphold his duties as an ordained pastor with God’s guidance. He knelt as the Bishop prayed for the Holy Spirit to empower him and as the stole was placed upon him. Together with his family, they received a prayer of blessing. As Bishop Lu acclaimed him as The Rev. Mark Lai, the congregation applauded as they showed their encouragement and excitement to embark on this journey with him.

The service culminated with the Prayer of the Church and Benediction, followed by Rev. Mark’s expression of profound gratitude in his Word of Thanks. He graciously acknowledged the support of his supervising pastors, cherished family members, the BLC family, and members of Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran), among many others.

The resonating hymn “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, accompanied by the music of the Church Organ and the recessional procession departing the sanctuary, signified the conclusion of the Service. Following the Service, those present gathered outside for light refreshments and fellowship, sharing in the joy of the momentous occasion.

The Ordination Service stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of the LCS to nurture individuals like Rev. Mark in their journey of faith and ministry, who have responded to the call of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the church and in Singapore.

The ordination of Rev. Mark Lai at BLC was an event filled with reverence and exuberance, being a poignant reminder of the sacred responsibilities of a pastor and the necessary unwavering support of a community bonded by faith. As he embarks on this new chapter of his ministry, may he embody the love of Christ such that his steps will be guided by faith, and his spirit fortified by the grace of God.


Pastors and members from the various LCS congregations gathered for the Ordination Service held at BLC.

From the Rite of Ordination:

“Receive this stole as a sign of your work, and walk in obedience to the Lord Jesus, serving his people and remembering his promise:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy Iaden,

and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and

learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart,

and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is

easy, and my burden is light.” (Mt 11:28-30)

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Rev. Mark Lai receiving his Certificate of Ordination from Bishop Lu Guan Hoe.


2023年12月30日,在新加坡信义会(LCS)的历史上迎来了一个重要的里程碑,一场黎伟亮 传道的按立礼,在勿洛信义教会(BLC)举行。 这次的崇拜以全体会众唱圣诗,“全能的上帝!” 拉开序幕。入场仪队庄严壮观;首先是由 Acolyte 恭持十字架,随后奉持圣经侍者、信义会牧师、尊敬的LCS会督、LCS执行委员会 成员,然后才是即将被按立的黎伟亮传道。

前BLC会友洪撒拉牧师是聚会的主持。她用庄严的感恩主赐洗礼仪式作为聚会的开始,接 着众唱赞美诗“神仆当颂主”,这首熟悉的圣诗伴随着现代乐器的演奏。然后由四位牧师宣 读圣经经文,其中包括LCS第二任会督纪木和牧师,这使圣殿充满了上帝的话语和智慧。 卢元和会督用激动人心的华语讲道,强调了牧师在传达上帝信息中的挑战和职责。他的信 息由张威廉博士牧师翻译成英语,强调了即使在逆境和反对声中,圣灵也会陪伴并加强牧 师们的信念,勇敢地走在信仰的道路上,以勇气坚持上帝的名。最后,全体会众由衷地用诗 歌 “哦,耶稣,我已应许” 作为回应,肯定了他们对即将被按立者的承诺。

在介绍按立者的介绍中,卢会督、LCS秘书和赖马可的监督牧师在圣坛前就位,欢迎按立者 进前。黎传道在祈祷和祝福中,承诺将在上帝的指引下,履行他作为一名被按立牧师的职 责。他跪下,领受会督为他祈求圣灵赐下能力,并把牧者领巾披在他身上。他和他的家人一 起领受了祝福的祷告。当卢会督宣布他为黎伟亮牧师时,全体会众兴奋地鼓掌,表示愿与他 同走天路。

按立礼在教会的祈祷和祝福声中结束,接着是黎牧师的致谢词。他亲切地感谢监督牧师、 亲爱的家人、BLC大家庭以及义顺基督教会(路德会)的会友及其他的弟兄姐妹的支持。

退场的仪队在管风琴奏着“ 神为其民坚固城牆”的伴随下离开圣所,这标志着聚会的结束。 与会者在外面聚集,享用简单的茶点和团契,分享这庆典的喜悦。

按立礼是作为LCS不遣余力地,培养像黎牧师这样的个人的见证,在信仰和事工的旅途中, 回应传扬耶稣基督的福音,无论在教会内还是在新加坡的呼召。

黎伟壳牧师在BLC的按立,是一个神圣滿有恩典的事件,它提醒我们牧师的神圣的职责, 以及需要一个以信仰为中心的群体坚定的支持。当他开始福音事工的新篇章时,愿他体现 基督的爱,使他的脚步由信仰指引,愿上帝的恩典使他的心灵得坚固。


LCS 牧师团与来自信义会各堂会的会友,参加在勿洛信义会举行的教牧按立礼。