New Members of LCS Exco

New Members of LCS Exco

Rev. David Ng Teck Seng

Rev. David Ng is a first-generation Christian. Later, his parents also became believers. Rev. Ng’s first call was as a full-time admin staff at Jubilee Church, which is a Presbyterian Church. Three years later, he entered Singapore Bible College (SBC) for a four-year theological degree. During this time, he served as the President of the Student Council and the Chairman of the Graduation Committee.

After graduating, Rev. Ng served as the Pastor-In-Charge at Christian Grace Presbyterian Church. Later he was ordained by the Presbyterian Church. During his time at Christian Grace Church, he also served as the Moderator of the Chinese Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church for two years. In May 2005, Rev. Ng began serving as the Pastor for the dialect congregation at Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran), and he remained in this role for nearly 19 years.

During his tenure, Rev. Ng also assisted Jurong Christian Church (JCC) in starting their Hokkien worship service. He continued to help them for many years including presiding at Holy Communion, Baptisms, and funerals for the Hokkien congregation at JCC. In the absence of a ordained pastor for the Chinese congregation at Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran), Rev. Ng frequently assisted by presiding at Holy Communion and Baptisms.

In 2009, Rev. Ng served as a member of the Lutheran Church in Singapore (LCS) Executive Council and chaired the Community Outreach ministry. His current term is the second time he is serving in this capacity.

Rev. Ng has represented the LCS for many years in various positions within the NCCS Chinese Works committee, that involved the main four Denominations Chinese Churches in Singapore. He had served as Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and General Secretary. He is also a teacher at the Senior Citizens’ Institute, where he has taught ukulele to over 135 students.

The entire Ng family is actively involved in the worship and ministry at Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran). Rev. Ng’s wife, Mdm. Angela Heng, is also a graduate in theology from SBC and currently assists him with administrative work for the dialect congregation. Their son, Timothy, is involved in the English congregation and has served as the Vice-President of the youth worship team. He is currently a worship leader in the Youth Service. Rev. Ng’s hobbies include calligraphy, playing the ukulele, and birdwatching.

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黄德成牧师是第一代基督徒,后来父母也跟他 信了主;黄牧师第一份工作是在长老会禧年堂

担任全职干事,三年后进入新加坡神学院就读 神学四年,期间曾经担任学生会主席和毕业班

委员会主席。毕业后黄牧师担任长老会主恩堂 主理传道,后来按立为主理牧师,期间也曾担

任长老会华文中会会正两年。黄牧师於 2005 年5月开始担任义顺基督教会(信义会)方言

聚会的牧师,至今接近 19 年,期间也曾经帮 助裕廊基督教会开始他们的福建崇拜,之后也

有多年继续帮忙福建崇拜的圣餐,洗礼和丧礼 ;在义顺基督教会(信义会)华文部没有牧师

期间也多次帮忙施圣餐及洗礼。黄牧师曾经在 2009 年担任信义会总会执行委员会委员,负

责社区拓展部的工作,所以这次是他第二次担 任同样的职位。在教会以外的事奉,黄牧师曾

多年担任新加坡基督教协会四宗华文教会理事 会的职位,包括:主席,文书,财政和总干事

,他也是乐龄学院老师,多年教导乌克丽丽, 至今有超过135位学员。黄牧师一家都在义顺

基督教会聚会与事奉,师母王湘贤传道也是神 学毕业,目前帮助黄牧师处理方言聚会的行政

工作;儿子黄崇义在英文部聚会,曾经担任青 年崇拜的副主席,目前负责主日崇拜的主领。