LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our Churches – February 2024

LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our Churches.

Items for Feb 2024 – JCC

For February 2024, let us all be one in prayer for Jurong Christian Church.

Please cover JCC in the Prayers of the Church, as well as in your small group, family or personal prayer times.

Pastors have the option to cover the items in a single Sunday or over any number of Sundays for the month.

JCC’s prayer items are:

English/Mandarin/Dialect Ministries:

  1. Visionary Council and Leaders (有远见的执事会与领导人)
  • JCC Leadership to be bold and carry out JCC’s vision with passion, i.e. to be Christ-like Disciples and Disciple-makers.

– 裕廊基督教会领导能够大胆并热情地实现教会的愿景,即成为基督般的门徒和门徒塑造者。

– Spirit-filled leaders who lead the ministries with empowerment from the Holy Spirit

– 领袖有圣灵的引导,以圣灵的能力来领导事工。

  • Leaders who comprehend God’s heart and His direction for the new year.
  • 领袖们能够理解神的心意和他在新的一年里要我们前往的方向。
  1. Outreach Thrust to the community (对社团的外展推动)
  • Ability to make deeper inroads and maximum impact on the lives of the community through:
  • 能够通过以下方式取得更深入的进展并对社团的生活产生最大的影响:

i)The Goshen Initiative (comprising a series of bridges connecting with community in Taman Jurong and English Alpha 2024)


ii)Alpha Chinese 2024(Chinese-speaking community) and China Jianan ministry (Chinese China Fellowship)


iii)Strong pastoral connection with the individuals and the families with the Dialect- speaking community and activities for the elderly.


– More JCCians will join the “outreach force” in bringing the gospel to the community this year.

– 今年将有更多的裕廊基督教会会友加入“外展推动”,将福音带给社区。

  1. A God-Seeking Church (Prayer life of the church) 寻求神的教会(教会的祷告生活)
  • A church that seeks God and His agenda ACTIVELY.
  • 一个积极寻求神和他心意的教会。
  • To develop prayer teams that minister to those in need, both within and outside JCC
  • 发展祷告团队,为教会内部和外部有需要的人有祷告的遮盖。
  1. David and Goliath Pre-school (DGP) (大卫与巨人幼儿教育 – DGP)
  • Wisdom and strength for the Principal and teachers to guide the children according to God’s principles and God’s love.
  • 但愿校长和老师们有智慧和力量,按照神的原则和神的爱来引导孩子们。
  • More teachers to join the teaching force at the DGP
  • 更多教师愿意加入 DGP 的教学团队。
  • The salvation of the Lord for every family that is connected to DGP
  • 对每个与 DGP 有关的家庭能有救恩的机会。