LCS – ONE IN PRAYER for our Churches – January 2024

Items for Jan 2024 – BLC

In January 2024, let us all be one in prayer for Bedok Lutheran Church.  Please cover BLC in the Prayers of the Church, as well as in your small group, family or personal prayer times.

BLC’s prayer items are:

English Ministries:

 1)  Thank God for our leaders.  Pray that God will enable them to serve with integrity of hearts and skilful hands for the building up of His church.

感谢上帝赐予我们的领袖。 祈求上帝使他们能够以正直的心和灵巧的双手来服务。 

2)  Pray for renewal of church life and leaders (hard to get replacement of leaders)


3)  Pray that God would raise up people to mentor and disciple the young people.


Chinese Ministries:


    We pray for the theme for 2024: Rooted in Christ, Building our lives. As BLC Chinese would be producing a devotional for congregants to read and pray through daily as part of their spiritual formation, through his Word, pray that God would nurture our hearts to maturity.

二、为牧师、会吏和执事们能一起同心配搭服事,使教会能在神的恩典中   起来祷告。也为在5月12日教会年议会之前,要推举新的执事来祷告,求主为教会预备领袖。

    We pray for the Pastors, Deacons, and Council to be united as one in service, that empowered by the grace of God, the church may flourish in love and service. Also, pray that God will raise new leaders to join the Council, and that as we approach them, they will answer the call before the AGM on 12th May 2024.


      We pray for the different ministry plans for 2024,  that God in his grace, will see to the completion of the various activities and plans for the church.  Pray that the congregants would actively support the activities, and through participation in the activities, have Christ formed in their hearts.