Lutheran Church in Singapore Live-Streaming Worship Service 5 April 2020


LCS will be streaming the “live Sunday Services” for all LCS congregations from JCC Sanctuary till end of April. Thus, we will have opportunity to also hear from the various LCS pastors who will be preaching on the different Sundays.

Let us continue to worship together as one big Lutheran family

and log into for the “live worship streaming”. 

Chinese Service: 9:00am
English Service: 10:45am

Let us do prepare OUR HEARTS for worship by:

a)​ Putting away the phone (Turn it off if possible). Follow the service from your computer/laptop or internet capable TV at home.

b)​ Gather your family and give your best to the Lord though you are not in the Worship Sanctuary physically, but the Lord is with you in your HOME. Let us be attired neatly and appropriately for the Lord during the worship.

c)​ Offering: Follow the instructions given during the live streaming.

Let us log into for the “live worship streaming”.

The Sunday worship session can be reviewed by you after the service has ended via the “Video Archive” in the link.