LCS Youth Conference 2016


Prior to the conference, I was clueless as to what to expect, as this would be my first time attending an LCS event. Moreover, the introvert in me bred greater reluctance as I would be obliged to mingle with new people and the mere thought of awkward first conversations is a major turn-off. However, I believed that the conference would be suitable for me, as I personally felt myself drift away from God during the period of my ‘A’ Levels when I lacked time, energy and motivation. I was aware that my brief, desperate cries for God’s help which were followed by self-reliant studying and neglecting Him was an extremely unhealthy way to lead my life. Hence, it is imperative that I grow to be “Deeper with God” and be more “Fervent for Him”. True enough, the conference gave me just the help I needed.

Three of the messages were messages were preached by Rev. Thomas Low, who spoke with great confidence, clarity and conviction. Through his teachings, I was reminded that we are stewards of God’s creation and that we do not own anything, not even our very own lives. Also, to be closer to God, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and with God. In the deserts and wilderness of our lives, we must not be swayed by the many voices we hear, but always remember to make God, the only unchanging constant, the very centre of our lives. Lastly, I was reassured that despite our numerous shortcomings, our perfect God still uses us for His work. He completely understands us and showers us with His Agape love. I felt that his messages were very effective and roused a great deal of thinking, reflection, as well as emotions, as he recounted some personal experiences.

After the messages, the youth were split and attended three different workshops titled “No Time”, “No Talent” and ”No friends”. I participated in the “No Talent” workshop which was led by Brother Admond Tan from JCC. During the workshop, we wrote down what gifts we felt our fellow church members possessed. This small exercise was effective in identifying our gifts and talents which we may not realise we possess, and evidently encouraged many who were present. The ever-jovial speaker maintained a light-hearted and pleasant atmosphere with his well-timed jokes while inspiring us that we should let God use us. His workshop was motivational and shed light on how we should use our gifts which God has given us. His talk has changed the way that I saw our talents and service to our Abba Father. The conference culminated in a time of prayer, where each of the sister churches presented several challenges that they were facing and everyone joined in in a time of heartfelt prayer for them. It was during this prayer session that I felt the genuine love that the churches had for each other and it was simply heartwarming.

In retrospect, the LCS Youth Conference was an enriching experience and it also helped me review my relationship with God in the past year. Most importantly, it was a good reminder of how we can grow deeper with God and be fervent for Him.

Submitted by Daniel Chong – JCC