Understand the fundamentals and tenets of your Lutheran heritage and your Christian faith. A new course series on Lutheranism 101 has been made available to all LCS members taught by various LCS pastors part by part.
The first in the series will be taught by Revd Lim Kim Hock of the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer. Revd LIm has been a parish pastor with LCMS and now LCS for more than two decades, with rich pastoral experience, he is also gifted in teaching and explaining the truth in a simple succinct way.
The exciting thing is that the course is conducted in a hybrid manner.- you can chose to attend on site at QLC or at home through Zoom!
LCS has specially bring in from USA the course textbook just for you.
So what are you waiting for?
REGISTER NOW at or by scanning the QR Code below.  

More info about the LCS C4C Course For Credit program is available at this page