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Lutheran World Mission is formed from the initiatives of Mekong Mission Forum that aims to support church growth in Mekong area. After various unfruitful attempts of working with local partners, an idea of starting one Lutheran church in Cambodia given birth. Lutheran Church in Singapore (Lutheran World Mission) spear-headed the work in Cambodia with the support of  Lutheran Church of Australia (Mission International) , Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria (Mission OneWorld), Finland Evangelical Lutheran Church (Finland Evangelical Lutheran Mission), Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (Global Mission), Lutheran World Federation, Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Synod and Evangelical Church of Hong Kong.

Located at Kampong Chhang, two hour drive from Phnom Penh International Airport, Life Centre is built to reach out to the Phum Krous commune through diakonia works – livelihood projects, medical mission, small scaled disaster relief work to meet the need of the people which eventually Krous Church is formed. presently we are doing livelihood and leadership project with the support of LWF, scholarship programme through FELM and daily bread programme with ELCA – World hunger. we are also exploring the possible of starting a preschool and an agriculture nursery that will provide hand on training to the farmers.

20min drive from Phnom Penh International Airport, Rainbow Hostel ministry in Phnom Penh is started to meet the needs of place to stay when Krus youths came to city to further their education, subsequently City Church is formed  to meet the spiritual growth and outreach of the youths staying in hostel. Presently we have 54 youths staying with us(20 Girls and 34 Boys) that pursuing their degree or skill training.

CRCHK supporting our girl’s hostel programme and also sent a missionary, Miss Berta Law to work among the youths. We providing scholarship and monthly allowance programme to help the Khmer youths to complete their education. We also actively engaging the community through education (teaching English), we have children English programme and Sunday school programme with the help of the interns.

Located at Kampong Cham, 1 hour drive from Phnom Penh International Airport, Tang Krang Community Centre took shape due to the youths’ outreach efforts from City Church. Our latest centre that only started operate at July 2016. Presently we are doing community engagement through livelihood projects, teaching English and also providing scholarship through tuition programme. FELM provided us training in both leadership development, project management and agricultural training.

We hosting three volunteers from ELCA – Young Adult Global Mission and two volunteers from ELCB – Mission One World. We will be partnering with LCA – Grow Ministries to expose young christian leaders in various mission work in Cambodia to expand their views on gospel work.

We also providing theological education to pastors from others Lutheran congregation through MMF – Lutheran distinctive training with help of ELCB. We also working with Danmission and FELM on family ministry through Continuous Learning Organization that training pastors through pastor’s association of various province.

Lutheran World Mission is determined to help Lutheran Church in Cambodia to work toward self reliance and independence through pacing them step by step and phase by phase till planned timeline and systematically training in both financial, theological and self sustainability diakonia work.

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